Join us at an upcoming event! Here at Yogavita, we offer many different types of workshops and events. We have everything from inversion workshops to “block parties” to music based events. We have something for everyone!

Be sure to check out all we have to offer. Your classes with us aren’t just about a physical workout. While you’ll get that, you’ll also get an experience. We address ways you can use your yoga practice off your mat to live a happier, healthier life.

Why Yogavita?


Our classes are a moving meditation, they are rooted in inquiry, and the physical practice will lead to transformation!

We were all new to the practice at one time, even our teachers.  Our classes are challenging, yet accessible.  Be patient with yourself, as your strength will build the more you practice.

Power Vinyasa

Power vinyasa classes is the core class offered at Yogavita. Our skilled teaching staff offers skill-building and modifications as needed. All levels are invited!

  • This class will be powerful, engaging and sweaty
  • Make sure you bring a towel and a willingness to do the work
  • The pace is energetic, but accessible to all

Power Vinyasa Basics

These classes are similar to Power Vinyasa, but with more cueing from the instructor and a slower pace. The teacher carefully accesses the class for skill level, and makes recommendations accordingly. This is a great class if you are new to the studio or to the practice.